3 Easy Ways to Provide UV Protection For Car Paint in Sunny Singapore

You have spent hundreds of thousands on your latest investment: a brand new car. On the first few days, you never get tired of gazing at its elegance and its polished exterior finish. Everywhere you go, friends notice your sleek ride and you brim with pride. However, as days and weeks pass, that once pristine exterior has lost its edge and you wonder why as you think you have done all you can to protect your prize possession. You have gone for polishes and waxes but to no avail. This is due to your car being unprotected and exposed to the brutal UV rays from the sun.

How Does UV Light Hurt Your Car

Car paint, like our skin is not immune to UV light from the sun. Being in the tropics, we receive one of the highest concentrations of UV light around the world. These harmful UV rays will cause fading and discolouration to your cars’ paint coat over time damaging the cars’ paint work causing it to be dull and faded. This is due to oxidation and corrosion from the intense UV rays from the sun.

Hence, it is highly essential that we have a car paint protection to protect our prized investments from these harsh rays, allowing their paintwork to remain pristine and comparable to showroom standards. There are ways to protect your cars from these harmful rays.

Tip #1 – Reduce Exposure to Sun

One of the most economical ways to protect your car from the harmful UV rays scorching the paintwork off your roof is to limit its exposure to sunlight.  This does not mean that we should only be able to drive out at night where there is no sun. The car paint isn’t that fragile but the limiting of the amount of hours our cars are exposed to direct and intense Singapore sun is highly essential for the long run if we want our cars to maintain their pristine look throughout their entire lifespan.

One of the best ways to go about this is to ensure that your cars are parked under shelters when not in use when at work or at home, especially in the afternoon sun.

  • Downsides

    However, due to the rise in number of cars in Singapore, parking spaces in sheltered areas can are increasingly scarce and getting more expensive. Sometimes, we have to sacrifice comfort by walking great distances just to find a sheltered carpark/garage

  • Cost & Effort

    Regular payment of parking fees and it can be quite costly for non-season parking especially during long hours.

Tip #2 – Regular Waxing Sessions

Another way to protect your car from UV rays would be through regular car polishing and waxing sessions either by natural car wax (Carnabau Wax) or paint sealants (artificial car wax). This would not only give your car the glossy finish, many brands of car waxes have claimed to have UV ray protective properties

  • Downsides

    The amount of protection that car waxes can give is actually limited even though the waxes do contain UV-protection agents. However, the amount of protection given by the thin layer of wax is little. The primary goal of a wax is to protect the top layers of paint that contain UV-protection agents from the paint manufacture which will wear off after constant exposure to direct UV rays.

  • Cost & Effort

    Regular and timely efforts have to be made to wax your cars again and again, along with a carwash before waxing to remove the accumulated dirt and grime.

Tip #3 – Apply Paint Coating

Finally, another way to protect your car is via paint coatings. Paint coatings are relatively new and are one of the up and coming leaders to car detailing in the automobile industry. It serves as an all in one protective layer to a car’s paintwork and UV ray protection is included in its specifications along with many others. It is able to keep your car’s paint looking polished, comparable to that of a showroom standard car and the best thing is that no re-application is required at all as it is highly durable. With this paint coating in place, you will not need to go through the regular hassle of consistently finding sheltered parking lots or frequent waxing sessions for your car. You can also check out the different types of paint protection here.

  • Downsides

    Pricing is slightly more steep.

  • Cost & Effort

    Paint coating is slightly more expensive but because no reapplication is required, customers normally see significant and returns and savings in the long run.


To conclude, a worthwhile investment to apply this all-in-one protective armour can go a long way in preserving the look of your car’s paint job.  Prolonged exposure to UV rays will severely damage your paint coating, and getting a brand new top quality paint job can be both time consuming and even more expensive; especially in a tropical country like Singapore which sits in the equator, taking in most of the sun’s harmful rays.  If you want to keep your car in its original showroom like standards, preventive maintenance is your best choice.

UV Protection For You Car

Permanent Paint Coating

5D Solutions Pte Ltd is an Approved Applicator of KubeBond, one of the market leading ranges of paint coatings in the world. If you are afraid of UV rays damaging your car paintwork, this is the solution for you. The permanent paint protection uses a nano ceramic formula to form a permanent bond with the paintwork making it extremely durable. It is because of our confidence in the product that we offer a 10 year warranty for customers using the KubeBond Diamond 9H.

Want to find out more about KubeBond and how it can protect UV protection for your car paint? Speak to our staff today, they will be glad to give you a live demonstration of how it works.

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