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    9H Hardness On Pencil Scale Give Protection Against Minor Scratches

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9H Glass Coating

KubeBond offers a 9H glass coating that has a hardness of above 9H on the pencil scale. This level of hardness makes it invulnerable to small scratches! KubeBond is able to achieve this level of toughness because of its unique Revolution Bonding Technology. With this technology, multiple layers of the nanotechnology glass coating can be applied on the paintwork increasing its toughness and scratch resistant abilities exponentially.

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

Applied the coating a month a ago and it has really helped to protect my car. Don’t see the usual scratches and marks any longer. My car looks so good now.

Read a lot of good reviews about KubeBond and 5D Solutions. Stanley was really friendly and service was good. Would definitely recommend his service.

More Information

A glass coating for cars is unlike the normal sealants or wax that the typical car dealer and paint protection workshop uses. If it a transparent liquid that when exposed to air, hardens to become an advanced protective coating. KubeBond a unique nano ceramic formula that allows the glass coating to form a permanent bond with the paintwork making it very durable.

KubeBond is designed by chemist with years of experience in the industrial paint protection field. It is also continuously put through extensive testing to push the boundaries of glass coating paint protection. To verify our claim, KubeBond is also certified by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Never. Only one application is required to get your car protected. The adhesion between the paintwork and KubeBond is so strong that it can only be removed by mechanical abrasion. To back up our claim of a permanent car paint protection, we also have a 10 year warranty for our customers.

Aside from being extremely scratch resistant, KubeBond Diamond 9H is also superhydrophobic, self-cleaning, has excellent weather resistance and also helps to renew the color of older cars.

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Application Process


The car is first carefully polished and cleaned using our unique clay bar treatment to remove any debris or dirt that may be stuck to the paintwork. This will allow the KubeBond Diamond 9H glass coating to adhere better to the surface.


During the application stage, the KubeBond Diamond 9H glass coating is sprayed evenly and uniformly onto the car. Spraying of the coating ensures that the multiple layers of the coating can be applied across the entire surface of the car evenly.


After application of KubeBond, only basic maintenance like the weekly cleaning and washing needs to be carried out. We also provide a yearly checkup for your paintwork to ensure that everything is going as it should be.

Come down to our showroom and we will show you a live demonstration of how KubeBond works. If you want to find out more, you can also drop us an email. Our friendly staff would be glad to provide you with more information.

5D Solutions Pte Ltd

KubeBond is designed for professional use and only Approved Applicators are certified to use the product. At 5D Solutions, our staff are trained in all the technical aspects of the product and we also follow a very strict application procedure to ensure that you can get the very best results from the KubeBond Diamond 9H glass coating. Car care is something that we are very passionate about and we hope that through our dedication and service, our customers are able to enjoy the best car care results. Some of the other services we provide include premium car polishing and car grooming services.

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