Camo Car Wrap Services

Personalisation using car wrap is quickly gaining popularity among car owners in Singapore. The trendier camo car wrap is among the customer favourites. It allows the selection of print colour as well as the base colour. Customer preferences have greatly shifted from car painting towards this service.

Why Our Customers Love STEK

We travel a lot ot Malaysia and going on the highway really hurts the car paint. After applying the paint protection film, we can really see the difference.

We saw the reviews on 5D Solutions and wanted to give it a try. The service and the paint protection film did not disappoint.

Difference Between Car Wrapping and Car Paint Protection

Unlike painting, car wraps are not limited to a single colour. It is basically a sticker and the choices of colours and design patterns are virtually unlimited. You can choose whatever your heart desires.

Car wrapping takes less time as compared to painting. The age old painting technique requires the previous paint to be removed from the car. Now multiple layers of paint need to be applied to get the desired effect. The first layer needs to dry up in order to proceed to the next. Overall this consumes a lot of time whereas simple car wrapping can be completed in just a couple of hours. The complicated designs might require up to a few days.

In terms of cost, car wrapping is a lot cheaper as compared to getting a paint job. It is less labour intensive and can be patched up if there are any holes in the wrap. Damaged or faded paint on the other hand requires a costlier car paint restoration service.

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Wide Variety of Design Choices

Bringing the latest product line straight from STEK-USA, New Age Polish boasts a large range of design choices. The paint protection films offer some unique characteristics and can be customised according to your design preference. The top customer favourite designs include Camo, Marvel-themed designs and Disney designs.

Good Value for Money

Customers are our top priority and we provide them affordable options while delivering premium quality services. With us, your car gets the best-suited products that are available in the market.

Come down to our showroom and we will show you a live demonstration of how STEK paint protection film works. If you want to find out more, you can also drop us an email. Our friendly staff would be glad to provide you with more information.

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