Car Body Glass Coating

KubeBond provides a car body glass coating that is like no other in the market. While in the bottle, the liquid glass is colourless and transparent, only when exposed to air will it form a glass shield to provide paint protection for the car body. Unlike any other wax or sealant, the ceramic glass coating is extremely durable and provide exceptional scratch resistant abilities. This is because KubeBond is a world leader in nano-ceramic technology for car paint protection.

KubeBond Testimonials

The coating really looks amazing. I had some marks on the car and the team managed to polish that off too. Really excellent work. Will come back for my car wash.

Stanley really took the time to explain to me how the coating works and the benefits. After doing the treatment, I’m really quite impressed. Good job.

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World’s Leading Nanotechnology Paint Protection Coating

KubeBond Diamond 9H is a paint protection system that uses a Revolution Bonding Technology to form a protective layer over substrates. It was developed by chemist with extensive knowledge and experience in the industrial paint protection field and tailored to suit automotive substrates.

KubeBond Diamond 9H is sprayed onto the car body surface because multiple layers need to be applied and this allows it to applied more uniformly and evenly. It is also this multilayering ability that gives this car body glass coating its superb scratch and corrosion resistant abilities.

The KubeBond GlassShield is also able to provide protection for the glass and mirror surfaces of the car. The superhydrophobic effect of the coating reduces surface energy and forces liquids to bead together when it comes into contact with the surface. The liquids will then easily roll off reducing the amount of stains and water marks and the glass surfaces.

If you have already decided on the package that you want, make a booking with us to reduce your waiting time. If not, just make an appointment with our staff to find out more about the KubeBond car body glass coating and let us advice you on which is the best package to suit your needs. We can also provide you with more details on our car grooming services.

Want to find out more about KubeBond and what it can do for your car? Just drop by our showroom and we would be glad to show you a live demonstration.

5D Solutions

Best Rated Car Groomer In Town

5D Solutions is one of the few Approved Applicators of KubeBond in Singapore. This is because for this car body glass coating to be applied properly, the staff need to go through intensive and rigorous training to understand the technical aspects of the product. They also need to undergo proper training in order to understand how it can be applied properly and so that our customers can achieve the maximum results of KubeBond.

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