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Car Body Paint Protection in Singapore

The exterior surface of the car, undergoes the harshest conditions. In order to keep it looking clean and shiny, a car body paint protection coating normally needs to be applied to protect it from scratches and UV rays. The KubeBond coating is a glass coating for cars, using the unique nano ceramic molecular formula, it forms a permanent bond with the paintwork that makes it extremely durable and gives it numerous advantages over the typical wax or sealant that is commonly used.

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

Was recommended to try the ceramic coating by my colleague. Have already save a lot of time as no need to wash the car and send it for polishing every month. Definitely worth the money.

Did quite a lot of research online and Ceramic Pro seemed to be a popular brand. After applying it I know why. Car looks really shiny, even better than after my normal polish.

KubeBond Protective Coating

KubeBond is a unique ceramic car paint protection coating that used nano-ceramic molecules. Through of its Revolution Bonding Technology and unique application techniques, the car body protection coating is able to be applied in multiple layers thus amplifying the overall protection that it provides.

The KubeBond protective coating was developed by chemist who have experience in the industrial paint protecting field. Through extensive research and development, they were able to develop a unique ceramic molecular compound specifically for Automotive substrates. The KubeBond coatings became one of the most advanced car body paint protection coatings in the market.

Tired of constantly having to wax and polish your car? Then KubeBond may be the solution for you. KubeBond has numerous benefits that give it an advantage over other types of car paint protection products. The coating has an above 9H rating on the pencil scale. It also provides superb chemical resistance for protection from bird droppings and tree sap, super hydrophobic effect, UV resistance and also scratch resistance.

Like the videos? Come down to our showroom and we can also show you a live demonstration. Test it our for yourself and see how KubeBond can offer the ultimate protection for your car.

Features and Benefits

No Reapplication Required
Chemical Resistant
UV Resistant
High Gloss Finish
Repels Water, Dirt & Grime

Approved Applicator of KubeBond

5D Solutions Pte Ltd

As KubeBond is designed by professionals for professionals, you need to have the right equipment and skills to properly apply the glass coating and attain the maximum benefits from it. Here at 5D Solutions, we train our staff in all the product and technical aspects of the product so that they are able to deliver on the promises that we have made to our clients. To back up our claim for this permanent car paint protection, we also offer a 10 year warranty for our car body paint protection packages. Book an appointment with us and come down to see what we do to protect your car,  we are confident that you will not be disappointed.

Book an appointment with us and find out more about the car body protection packages that we offer. We have a range packages that provide different levels of protections and can suit different budgets.

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