Car Body Wrap Services in Singapore

Basically it is a vinyl sticker that can be customised and pasted on your car.  Car wraps are generally more affordable as compared to getting a paint job. The price of the car skin wrap depends on the complexity of design as well as size of the car in question. Although the overall process of car wrapping is complex with loads of factors involved, the end result is a unique and fresh look for your ride.

Why Our Customers Love STEK

Read about the STEK car body wrap online and decided to come down and take a look. The demo was really amazing.

Have been using the paint protection film for 3 months and it is really amazing. It is easy to maintain and the are totally no scratches on my new car. Great work by the team.

Factors Affecting the Quality of a Car Skin Wrap

The application process for the car body wrap is extremely important. If not properly applied, the paint protection film will start to bubble and easily come off. You need to make sure that your applicator is will trained and experienced to ensure that the car body wrap is properly applied and you can protect your car well.

The print profile is basically a code that the printer uses to deliver the exact quantity of ink that is required for the specific vinyl. Each material has a distinctive print profile. It is important for the manufacturer to consider this fact in order to achieve the perfect output.

The market is flooded with different options. On the higher range we see the good quality and expensive cast vinyl. While at the lower end, affordable options like calendared vinyl are available. For achieving a long lasting car wrap we recommend that you go with high quality materials for the vinyl as well as the over-laminate to give better protection for your car.

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Why Groom Your Car At 5D Solutions?

Wide Variety of Design Choices

STEK is well reputed for providing high quality fashion films that also protect the car paint. All the paint protection films are hydrophobic as well as puncture and contaminant resistant. We source our highly durable body wraps straight from STEK. The 4 design options offered are DYNOprism, DYNOcarbon, DYNOblack and DYNOshade films.

Trained & Experienced

5D Solutions provides great value for money to the customer by delivering high quality and durable car skin wraps at competitive prices. With the experience that we have, we are confident that your car will be fully protected.

Visit our showroom and we will show you a live demonstration of how STEK paint protection film works. If you want to find out more, you can also drop us an email. Our friendly staff would be glad to provide you with more information.

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