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Car Grooming

Car grooming is part and parcel of maintaining your car and is essential if you want to maintain the car’s resale value. This is because proper grooming helps to keep the car looking in tip-top condition and also protects the exterior of the car from unnecessary damage like discoloration, stains, or rust. Just like doing your annual spring cleaning, it is good to carry out the car grooming once a year to clean and protect both the interior and exterior of the car. Make a booking now and let us make your car look like new!

Looking to groom your car? 5D Solutions is one of the most popular car grooming companies in Singapore. Just check out the reviews on our Facebook page! If you want to want out more, just drop us and email or give us a call!

Customer Reviews

Was looking for a car grooming service in Jurong, came across 5D Solutions. They did a really good job for my car. Have applied the Ceramic Pro coating for a few months already. Car is still shiny and the water stains can easily be wiped off. Will be going back there to get my car groomed again.

Have been getting my car washed at 5D Solutions for quite awhile already. Decided to try the KubeBond package, was not disappointed. It really makes cleaning the car a lot easier and after a heavy rain, they aren’t any stains on the car as well. Good job to Stanley and team!

Who Are We?

Not Your Average Groomer

5D Solutions has a team of experienced and well-trained personnel ready to take good care of your car. In addition, we use only the highest quality materials to keep your car looking like showroom condition. Using top quality protection not only allow the grooming effect to last longer, it also provides a thicker and more durable protection for your car paint.

The best part of our service is that we have a range of flexible packages to suit all budgets. Our aim is to provide all car lovers with access to premium but affordable car grooming services. Contact us today to find out more!

Features and Benefits

No Reapplication Required
Chemical Resistant
UV Resistant
High Gloss Finish
Repels Water, Dirt & Grime

Services Available

The exterior grooming services are meant to make your car shine like brand new. Our team will also carefully polish and treat your car with a paint protection layer to remove the swirl marks or scratches present on the car paint surface.

For the interior grooming services, we will clean and polish the leather to keep it soft and smooth. We will also apply a layer of hydrophobic coating to prevent your leather from getting stained or dirty easily.

Contact us to receive a quotation for our car grooming services or come down to our showroom to see a live demonstration of what we can do for your car!

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