Car Paint Glass Coating

Getting a quality car paint glass coating will help to keep your car protected from the many hazards on the road. From bird droppings to tree sap or minor scratches, the KubeBond glass coating for cars is able to protect the original substrate without changing your car’s original colour. Unlike the typical wax or sealant that is distributed by most car dealer and paint protection workshops, the glass coating from KubeBond is more permanent and has substantially more benefits.

Why Millions Of People Love KubeBond

Left the workshop while it was still raining, but when we got back home, there wasn’t a single stain or water mark on the car. Really quite amazing. Thanks 5D Solutions!

Read a lot of good reviews on sgCarMart so decided to come down to take a look. Stanley and team really did a good job and my car looks really good now. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

KubeBond is a transparent liquid when first poured out from the bottle. However, when it is exposed to air for a period of time, the liquid hardens to form a glass shield like clear coat car paint protection that is able to protect the substrate and paint work.

With the Revolution Bonding Technology that KubeBond uses, it is able to bind strongly with the paint surface. This bond is so strong that the coating can only be removed through mechanical polishing. In addition, as multiple layers are applied, the car paint glass coating becomes thicker and offers better protection as compared to other paint protection products.

KubeBond was designed by chemist with years of experience in the industrial paint protection field. From extensive research and development, they were able to tailor the glass coating to suit the automotive substrates.

Keen to find out more about KubeBond? Speak to our consultants or come down to our showroom to see a live demonstration of what KubeBond can do for your car!

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Application Process


Polishing is first required to clean the surface of any impurities. We will give it a snow wash as well as use a clay bar decontamination treatment to ensure that the surface of the car is totally clean. This step of the application process is essential because it allows the car paint glass coating to adhere more strongly to the paintwork.


Once the car is properly cleaned, the KubeBond Diamond 9H is sprayed onto the car using to ensure that it is evenly applied across the entire surface. This makes the coating stronger and also give it its superhydrophobic effects. This water repelling effect not only keeps the car clean longer, it also makes the car super easy to maintain and wash.


The last step is simply maintenance. Even though to glass coating helps to protect the car from all the corrosion, it is best to wash to car once a week or once every other week. This helps to keep the coating in tip-top condition. In addition, we also offer a yearly maintenance to ensure that your coating is performing up to standard and achieves maximum shine.

Want to start getting your car protected? KubeBond is not only for the external surface but is also able to keep the internal leather protected. Come to our showroom to learn more about KubeBond!

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The application of KubeBond requires the use of specialised equipment because the KubeBond Diamond 9H must be sprayed onto the paint surface to ensure that it is evenly and uniformly distributed. To get the best results from KubeBond, it needs to be applied by an Approved Applicator like 5D Solutions. We are trained in all the technical aspects of KubeBond and only we are able to properly handle the glass coating so that you can get the maximum benefits from it. Read more reviews about 5D Solutions at sgCarMart or head down to our showroom to find out more about how we can protect your car!

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