STEK DYNOshield provides you with a unique top-coated paint protection film technology for those seeking a great performing film on the market.

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How To Get The Best Car Interior Grooming

The interior of any car, especially those family related, can be subjected to regular and sometimes severe abuse, but unlike the larger sized interior of your home, the repeated wear and tear traffic in your car is concentrated in a relatively small space! Although most car owners consider regular vacuuming and dusting to be adequate car interior grooming in maintaining a reasonable interior appearance, this surface type of cleaning cannot be regarded as being sufficient maintenance for a prized asset like your car.

Basic Car Maintenance & Paint Protection Tips For New Car Owners

Knowing how to maintain your car is not just about washing it every weekend. Learn about the common enemies of car paint in this post and find out the best methods to defend against this substances so that you can keep your car paint in tip-top condition!

Black Car With Water Droplets On It

The Most Useful Tip You Can Find About Paint Protection For Black Cars (You Won’t Believe How Simple It is)

Black cars are known to be notoriously hard to maintain because marks and stains appear very easily on the surface. Learn the best way to keep your black car shiny and glossy today!

3 Easy Ways to Provide UV Protection For Car Paint in Sunny Singapore

You have spent hundreds of thousands on your latest investment: a brand new car. On the first few days, you never get tired of gazing at its elegance and its polished exterior finish. Everywhere you go, friends notice your sleek ride and you brim with pride. However, as days and weeks pass, that once pristine exterior has lost its edge and you wonder why as you think you have done all you can to protect your prize possession. You have gone for polishes and waxes but to no avail. This is due to your car being unprotected and exposed to the brutal UV rays from the sun.

What Is Car Paint Protection?

Ever wondered how some old cars can remain sleek and polished in their ‘showroom condition’ even after not going for their frequent car washes? Well that’s because these car owners protect their prized investments to ensure they are always in pristine conditions and there are many ways to do so. Frequent car washes and polish sessions, can speed up damage to your automobiles’ paint hence car owners would turn to other methods to protect their cars’ paint. The most popular and common methods are car waxes, paint sealants, glazes, polishes and paint coatings.