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Car Paint Protection Coating in Singapore

KubeBond is a car paint protection coating that is able to protect your car from minor scratches and environmental corrosion. With its Revolution Bonding Technology, the nano ceramic molecules are able to form multiple layers of protection over the paintwork giving it protection levels way beyond the typical wax or sealant. In addition, because it forms an adhesive bond with the substrate, the car paint protection coating provides a permanent protection for your car.

Why So Many People Love KubeBond

Did the coating awhile back and I’m really impressed with the service level that Stanley and his team has provided. High quality coating with high quality service. Excellent.

Read a lot of good reviews about 5D Solutions so I decided to come down and take a look. Stanley explained everything very clearly. Did the coating and the car looks amazing now.

Got really lazy constantly having to wash and polish my car so came across this car paint protection coating. Only have to wipe the car after raining now. Amazing.

Come down to see a live demonstration of how KubeBond works and exactly what it can do for you. We are sure that you will be excited to see your car extra glossy and scratch free. Book an appointment with us today!

How Does It Work?

Designed by chemist who have experience in the industrial paint protection industry, KubeBond was formulated to specifically bond with the automotive substrate. KubeBond uses cutting edge nano ceramic technology to form a protection coating that has multiple features. It has also been put through extensive testing by SGS to ensure that it is able to meet the harsh conditions of the road.

Corrosion Resistant

With so many trees and birds all over Singapore, your car is susceptible to corrosion from tree sap and bird droppings. As discovered by scientist, damage from the bird droppings actually results from cooling paint lacquer which contracts and hardens around the deposits. This causes the paintwork to appear botched or dulled. With the KubeBond Diamond 9H coating, the surface energy of the substrate is reduced and these substances can easily be wiped off without leaving any stain or trace on the paintwork. No longer will you need to endure those unsightly stains or marks!

Permanent Adhesion

Even before the car paint protection coating is applied, the car need to be properly washed and treated with a special polish. This is to ensure that the first few layers of coating that are applied to the paintwork bond firmly with the paintwork. The adhesion of the coating is so strong that it can only be removed through mechanical abrasion. This is the main reason why the KubeBond coating is so permanent and so durable. To back up our claim, we even provide a 10 year warranty for our customers to assure them of the quality of our products and service is up to standard.

Easy To Clean

One of the top reasons why our customers love the KubeBond coating is because it makes the car extremely easy to maintain as well. The coating reduces the surface energy forcing water droplets to bead together on the surface. When thy get sufficiently big enough the beads will roll off the surface taking with it any dirt or grime that is on the surface. Then self-cleaning effect reduces the amount of stains and marks on the paintwork so you do not have to spend that must time over the weekends cleaning your car and making it look good.

5D Solutions Pte Ltd

We are an Approved Applicator of KubeBond and we are trained in all technical and product aspects of KubeBond. Because this coating requires that right skills and equipment to achieve its full potential, only trust Approved Applicators of Ceramic Pro. We take pride giving customers our best so that they can enjoy the full benefits of our car care and we provide the complete range of services. From car polishing and waxing to the total car grooming experience, you can find them all here at 5D Solutions.

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