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KubeBond is designed by professionals for professionals. As such, only Approved Applicators have the right training and knowledge to apply the nano ceramic car paint protection so that customers can benefit from the full potential of KubeBond. 5D Solutions is an Approved Applicator of KubeBond and we pride ourselves on having a very high standard of service for our customers.

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

Was tired of constantly sending my car for waxing and polishing so decided to get the car paint protection. It works really well and the shine is really good too. Thanks 5D Solutions team.

Was recommended by my friends to drop by 5D Solutions because my car was very dirty. They were really helpful in explaining to me how it works and its benefits. Truly satisfied with the results.

Just got my new car and wanted to keep it in tip-top condition. Came across 5D Solutions and get my car protected there. The car looks shinier than when I first got it, great work!

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Contact us and come down for a live demonstration on the effectiveness of KubeBond as a paint protection solution. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

What Makes Us Special

Quality Tools & Equipment

We use quality tools that are specially imported from Germany and Italy, certified calibrated paint thickness gauges and quality polishing pads. All these are done to ensure that we are able to perform our job quickly and efficiently and at the same time provide high service standards for our customers.

Attention to Detail

Due to the nature of KubeBond, each step and process needs to be carefully executed so that nano ceramic compound is able to from a permanent adhesion with the paintwork and live up to its name. It is this attention to detail that also make 5D Solutions one of the most professional car paint protection company in Singapore.

Good & Affordable

Maintaining your car can be a costly affair, that is why we have a range of packages to cater to the different groups so that this nanotechnology paint protection is available to the masses and everyone is able to benefit from it. We also provide cost-effective after care solutions so that you can carry out your own cleaning when required.

Services We Provide

The Full Exterior Packages include the use of the KubeBond Diamond 9H formula. Its advanced Revolution Bonding Technology provides above 9H pencil hardness which makes the paintwork extremely resistant to scratches, chemicals, corrosion and also extremely easy to clean!

The Full Interior Package is suitable for both fabric and leather seats. The KubeBond LeatherShield and KubeBond FabricShield have the same super hydrophobic effect and that protects the car interior from dirt and stains. It also keeps the leather soft and makes cleaning extremely quick and easy.

Come down to our show room to see a live demonstration of the power of KubeBond or speak to our staff to find out how you can get your car protected today! We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

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