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Car Pest Fumigation Singapore

Having problems with cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and small crawling insects in your car? You don’t need to do your car fumigation in Johor because our car pest fumigation services will definitely eliminate all those pests for you! 5D Solutions is an approved applicator of the National Environmental Agency and we can make sure that your car is free from all these pests once we are done.

Why Customers Love Our Service?

I had quite a problem with cockroaches in my car, after visiting 5D Solutions, the car was totally pest free. I felt that the car fumigation price was quite reasonable as well. Great work!

I thought that the pest fumigation services would cause my car to smell but that didn’t happen. Haven’t seen any cockroaches in my car after that service and I will happy with the results.

Features and Benefits

Approved by NEA
No Oily Residue

Car Interior Fumigation Process

  • The entire car pest fumigation process requires about 2 hours.
  • It begins with a 30-minute fumigation process using one pellet for a regular sized car and more pellets for larger vehicles like large sport utility vehicles or multi-purpose vehicles. This process can only be carried out by NEA-certified individuals who are trained in the necessary procedures.
  • The car fumigation product forces pests out from the dark, hidden corners and recesses of the car, and will either kill or incapacitate any bugs or roaches.
  • Once this process is complete a thorough inspection will be conducted to remove all the uncovered pests.
  • After the fumigation process is done, interior grooming will be conducted. This includes vacuuming, dashboard shining, door panel detailing and leather seat conditioning.
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