Car Polishing

A car’s appearance is extremely important for many owners because it is a status symbol. How good the car looks and how well it is taken care of is also a reflection of the owner. In order to get that perfect shine, polishing is the final step of the detailing process. It will significantly affect how well your car looks and also bring out that shine in your car paint. With the proper tools and equipment in our arsenal, 5D Solutions is ready to enhance the appearance and glossiness of your car’s paint job. Contact us to find out more about our services today!

Save yourself the trouble and get your car polished by a professional car grooming and polishing company. Our prices are affordable and we provide premium quality services.

Customer Reviews

Jacky Lo

Had to bring my car for a polish because the previous car wash place made a lot of scratch marks and swirl marks on my car. Stanley and team was able to remove all the swirl marks on the car and the coating seems to make the car paint a lot shinier than it was before. Thank you so much for the good work.

Jacky Lo
Ted Cline

Was looking for a car polishing service near my work area, managed to find 5D Solutions. Very satisfied with my first experience there with them. The exterior of the car was very well-polished and the inside was also well-cleaned and felt like brand new. Come will back here again to get my car groomed. Thank you Stanley and team.

Ted Cline

Who Are We?

Not Your Average Car Polishing Company

For the inexperienced car owners, car polishing can be a daunting tasks. This is because there are a myriad of options available like what sort of buffer to do you use? Should you polish by hand or with a machine? What color of polishing pad is suitable for your car? You need to learn to use the proper tools and know the right technique before you can start polishing your car because if you do not do so, it will easily result in a damaged car paint surface.

Although car polishing can be done by yourself, we want to save owners and car lovers the hassle of having to learn about all this. Let us handle the dirty work while you enjoy the praise of how nice and new your car looks.

Unique Features

Permanent Protection
Corrosion Resistant
UV Resistant
High Gloss & Shine
Superhydrophobic Effect

Car Polishing Services

Our exterior polishing services include snow washes, clay bar treatments and mechanical polishing to help your car achieve that sparkling shine. We can also help you to apply a layer of Ceramic Pro 9H coating to ensure that your car stays protected for longer.

For the interior of the car, we provide cleaning and grooming services. With the Ceramic Pro Leather, your interior car leather will not only feel soft and smooth again, the clear coating will also help to keep the leather stain and dirt free.

Want to get your car polished? Just drop by our showroom or drop us an email to make a booking, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our car polishing services.

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