Car Skin Wrap in Singapore

Basically it is a vinyl sticker that can be customised and pasted on your car. Car wraps are generally more affordable as compared to getting a paint job. The price of the car skin wrap depends on the complexity of design as well as size of the car in question. Although the overall process of car wrapping is complex with loads of factors involved, the end result is a unique and fresh look for your ride.

Why Our Customers Love STEK

The demo that Sam gave on the paint protection film was really amazing. I just got the coating and my car looks really really good.

5D Solutions was recommended to me by a friend. We heard a lot about their paint protection films so we decided to give it a go. It has been 3 months now and there is still not a single scratch on my brand new car.

Factors Affecting the Quality of a Car Skin Wrap

The artwork that you select must fit your vehicle perfectly. Cropping or stretching the image would result in an undesirable outcome. The role of the designer is also important, as only an experienced and well-equipped designer will be able to transform your design idea into reality.

A dust-free installation venue is must for a flawless finish. The temperature should also be optimal so that the car wrap does not shrink or overstretch. This way assures that the vinyl sets well onto the vehicle.

In the end, it all comes down to the car skin wrap installer. Even if the design is superb and the facility is perfectly equipped to handle the task, only an experienced and highly skilled professional can ensure a perfect finish. Only the right person can handle the technicalities of sticking and trimming the wrap just as it is supposed to be.

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Why Choose New Age Polish as Your Car Groomer?

Wide Variety of Design Choices

While offering a wide array of design choices, our paint protection films are also extremely durable. They can effectively protect your car, as they are puncture resistant, stain resistant and truly hydrophobic.

Professional & Well-Trained

New Age Polish has been passionately serving its esteemed clients since 2012. From car grooming services to car paint restoration services, the staff is highly capable of delivering top class handiwork and customer services to its clients. Our tools and certifications are also kept up-to-date with the emerging trends.

Visit our showroom and we will show you a live demonstration of how STEK paint protection film works. If you want to find out more, you can also drop us an email. Our friendly staff would be glad to provide you with more information.

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