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What Is A Car Wrap Used For?

Keeping your style choice in mind, these car wraps are used to give your car a distinctive look. Not only do the car wraps come in a wide variety of colours and style, they also provide extreme protection against scratches, dents, watermarks and also other environmental damage. These paint protection films are absolutely perfect to keep your car protected.

Why Our Customers Love STEK

The STEK car wrap is really good. I spend so much lesser time cleaning my car now and it is so easy to maintain.

Saw that they had a lot of good reviews online so decided to give it a try. Really good customer service from Sam.

Advantages of The Car Wraps

For even the most complicated wraps, the work is completed in just a few days while the simpler ones can take a mere couple of hours. Painting on the other hand requires the careful removal of the old layer of paint to proceed. With a car wrap, a user can easily remove the old one and get a new one without any hassle. The paint protection films are also able to provide better protection as compared to the typical layer of car paint because of the thickness of the wraps and films.

The process of removing and applying a car wrap is less labour intensive than getting a paint job. For this very reason it costs a lot less. In case of damage, the holes can be simply covered up while a faded paint requires a complete repaint which costs a lot more. In terms of long term benefits, the car wraps are also able to last longer and provide more protection.

From camo car wraps to matt car wraps, choosing the right car wrap style is really up to you. It should be kept in mind that the wrap does not act as a solution for faded paint and may worsen any rusts or even cause scratches during the process. Car paint restoration services are your best bet in this scenario.

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Types of Car Wraps

Sourced directly from STEK-USA, 5D Solutions gives its customers long-lasting paint protection films. Four fashion film options are also available to help your car stand out from the rest as well as remain protected. These fashion films are puncture-resistant and have anti-contamination characteristics. The 4 types of films that we provide are:

Clear Bra

The clear bra films from STEK are perfect is you want to keep your car clean and protected without all the fanciful stuff. With unparalleled hydrophobic effect with gloss enhancing technology, you no longer need to worry about cleaning your car every single weekend. The 3 types of clear bra films include DYNOshield, DYNOmatt and the PROshield.

Fashion Films

If you want to add a little more spice to how your car looks, the fashion films from STEK would be just right for you. Without compromising on all the unique features that the STEK paint protection films provide, the fashion films add a new level of sleekness and style to your cars. The type of fashion films that we have include DYNOprism, DYNOcarbon, DYNOblack, DYNOshades.

Why Groom Your Car At 5D Solutions?

Experienced Professionals

Providing exceptional service since 2015, 5D Solutions has vast experience in the field. We provide a huge range of car-grooming services. These include services like nanoceramic car paint protection and car pest fumigation services. With a highly skilled and professional team at our disposal, we can cater any challenge and advise you regarding any query.

Quality Services

As certified car-grooming services we make sure our customers receive top-notch services. We use top quality products like STEK and Kubebond because they are well-known around the world. We treat every car as our own and guarantee unmatched and superior quality services. You only get the best at 5D Solutions!

Visit our showroom and we will show you a live demonstration of how STEK paint protection film works. If you want to find out more, you can also drop us an email. Our friendly staff would be glad to provide you with more information.

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