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Choose Nanotech KubeBond

Choose Nanotech manufactures industrial coating for a wide variety of surfaces. It was originally focused only on the industrial coating industry specializing in the development of protecting coatings for construction, industrial and household use.

In 2010, Choose Nanotech created the Kubebond range that was specifically formulated for automotive substrates. The ceramic coating was made suitable for Paint, Glass, Alloy, Fabric, Leather, Plastic and Rubber. Find out more about the range of Ceramic Pro products here and see which one is the most suitable for you.

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

Spoke with Stanley over the phone and he was very patient in explaining the benefits of the coating. Get my car done and it looks really good now. Thanks!

Jesslyn Chong

Great service from 5D Solutions, after the coating we very carefully inspected the car to ensure everything was properly done. Have been using it for a week, really easy to clean.

Jason Theng

Brought my new car immediately to the workshop once I collected it. Even though it was new, the car looks so much shinier with the paint coating it. Love it.

Leonard Pang

Types Of Protection

Paint Protection

Diamond 9H

The Diamond 9H has a Revolution Bonding Technology that offers excellent scratch resistance and chemical resistant properties. This makes the paint protection coating extremely easy to clean and it stays cleaner for longer periods of time as well. Because the compound forms a permanent bond with the paintwork, the protection coating is extremely durable and can only be removed by machine polish.

Glass Protection


GlassShield is used specially for the protection of mirrors and glass on the car. The transparent solution provides a protective coating over the glass to make it resistant to dirt and dust. This is especially useful for driving in our tiny island of Singapore because when it rains, water will not remain on the glass or mirror and impede your vision.

Leather Protection


LeatherShield is a transparent solution which will not affect the original colour of your leather. Based on the same ceramic molecular compound as the Diamond 9H, the protective leather coating makes the leather resistant to dust and dirt. Because of the super hydrophobic effects, it also protects the leather from stains and makes it extremely easy to clean and stay clean longer as well.

Fabric Protection


FabricShield helps to dramatically reduce the surface energy of fabrics, textiles and suede so that when any liquid comes into contact with the surface, it will bead together and slowly roll off. The fabric protection helps keeps the textiles free from dirt and stains and at the some time does not affect the look and feel. Unlike other coating products for textiles, the FabricShield is extremely easy to install as well.

Plastic / Rubber Protection

Nu Interior

Nu Interior is a transparent solution that will not affect the original color of your plastic or rubber surface. The plastic protection coating is based on the same ceramic molecular formula and it has the ability to resist liquid stains and dust too! The hydrophobic effect can easily last up to 12 months and the coating also makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze!

Alloy Protection

Diamond 9H

The Diamond 9H is also designed for segments of the car which have to endure the harshest environments. The Diamond 9H forms a protective coating over the wheels and caliper to keep it in mint condition. It offers the same benefits to the wheels and caliper as it does for the paintwork. It also have a very high temperature resistance that protects the wheels and caliper from hot brake particles or hot tar from adhering to its surface.

Features And Benefits

No Reapplication Required
Chemical Resistant
UV Resistant
High Gloss Finish
Repels Water, Dirt & Grime

Enjoy the amazing benefits of KubeBond right now! We have a 10 year warranty to support our permanent protection claim so you have nothing to lose! Come down to our showroom to find out more today!

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