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Clear Coat Car Paint Protection in Singapore

KubeBond is a colourless and transparent solution that provides a clear coat car paint protection layer. KubeBond Diamond 9H is a glass coating that uses the Revolution Bonding Technology. Originally created for industrial paint coating protection, the KubeBond formula was redeveloped specifically for automotive substrates. This allows it to form a permanent bond with the paintwork and makes the clear coat paint protection layer stronger and more permanent.

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

Surprised that the coating only took about 6 – 8 hours but the results are so amazing. Looking forward to washing my car less often already! Thanks team.

Didn’t know that a black car was so hard to maintain. But after getting the coating, cleaning and washing my black car was really a quite a breeze.

How Does It Work?

The clear coat paint protection is unlike any other wax or sealant used by other car dealerships or paint protection workshops. The unique formulation of KubeBond Diamond 9H enables it to be multilayered and with each application of the coating, it leads to higher gloss effect, super hydrophobic effects and scratch resistance.

Curious to find out more about this unique clear coat car paint protection? Then come down to our showroom today, our staff would be glad to show you a live demonstration and give you more details on how we can stop your car from getting more scratches!

Features and Benefits

Scratch Resistant

With each layer of the KubeBond Diamond 9H that is applied to the surface, the strength and durability of the clear coat protection will increase exponentially so much so that the coating can only be removed by mechanical abrasion. With the KubeBond exterior packages, the coating can attain a level of above 9H hardness on the pencil scale and that is exactly how tough the scratch resistant glass coating really is.

Chemical Resistant

No need to worry about parking under certain type of trees of large trees anymore. The clear paint coating is resistant to corrosion from sap, tar, bird droppings and any other chemical hazards that you may find on the road. This because the coating dramatically reduces the surface energy of the substrates allowing this chemicals to be wiped or washed off easily. No worrying about bird droppings!

High Gloss Finish

The KubeBond coating is carefully sprayed on the paintwork to ensure that it is evenly and uniformly applied. This ensure that the original colour of the paintwork is retained. The unique ceramic coating also leads to higher gloss finish and colour renewal as well! As such, the car paint protection coating is not only suitable for new cars to retain their shine, it also helps older cars reduce unsightly imperfections.

5D Solutions Pte Ltd

Approved Applicator of KubeBond

To attain the maximum benefits of KubeBond, the molecular formula needs to be applied using the right tools and in the right environment. At 5D Solutions, our staff are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to handle this car paint protection system to ensure that your car remains scratch free and glossy as new. Book an appointment with us to find out what is the right package for your car!

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