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Glass Coating Paint Protection

The glass coating paint protection from KubeBond is one of the most advanced paint protection systems in the world. As compared the typical wax or sealant offered by car dealerships and other paint protection workshops, the glass coating is a thicker and harder layer of protection coating that offers more defense from hazards that you may find on the road. The glass coating is also a permanent car paint protection that makes the car extremely easy to clean right after application!

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

Brought my car into 5D Solutions last week to get it coated and really good job done. The car is still shiny after 1 week with no water marks.

Reviews on KubeBond were quite good online so decided to give it a go. The shine is really impressive, looking forward to less cleaning.

Features & Benefits

Easy To Clean

The KubeBond self-cleaning glass coating uses a Revolution Bonding Technology that significantly reduces the surface energy of the paint protection layer. This structure forces liquids that come into contact with it to form beads that will easily roll off the surface. When the beads roll off, the also carry together with them any dirt or dust that may be on the surface. This allows the coating to be extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Resistant To Corrosion

The nano-ceramic molecules from the coating allowed the multiple layers of coating to be extremely adhesive to the paintwork. As more layers are applied, the ability to withstand corrosion and protect the underlying paintwork becomes even greater. The KubeBond glass coating is able to withstand corrosion from tree sap, brake dust, bird droppings and any other environmental hazards that you may find on the road.

Certified and Verified

KubeBond does extensive research and development to ensure that the nano-ceramic car paint protection system remains one of the most advanced paint protection systems in the world. That is why it not only invests in scientist with years of experience and knowledge in the paint protection field, it also gets the product verified, inspected, tested and certified by SGS (the leading certification and verification company in the world).

Official Certification

5D Solutions Pte Ltd

The application of KubeBond requires both the right equipment as well as the appropriate skills and knowledge. This is because KubeBond is designed by professionals for professional use. At 5D Solutions, our staff are all trained in the technical aspects of the glass coating to ensure that we can deliver the best results to our customers. We want to make sure that the coating is able to protect your car well so that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the car paint protection from day one.

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