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5D Solutions uses KubeBond, the world’s leader in ceramic glass coating for cars. The KubeBond glass coating uses a unique ceramic molecular compound that makes it tougher and stronger than typical glass coating systems. The ceramic glass coating is unlike any wax or sealant that is commonly found at car dealers and grooming workshops. Because of its Revolution Bonding Technology, the coating is stronger, tougher and more durable than the wax or sealant and thus provides superb protection for the car paint surface.

KubeBond Testimonials

Excellent work by Stanley and team, my car really looks like brand new. The interior of the car smells and feels so good too. Thanks!

Was recommended to try KubeBond by my friends. Never looked back, the car is so much easier to clean now I spend less than half an hour every weekend cleaning the car.

Glass Coating Benefits

Hydrophobic Properties

Because the coating reduces the surface energy of the paint coating, it forces liquids that come into contact with the glass coating to bead together. The liquid droplets will subsequently roll off easily carrying another dirt or dust that is on the surface of the car. This significantly reduces the amount of water marks on the car and makes cleaning the car extremely easy as well.

Permanent Protection

The nanotechnology glass coating from KubeBond adheres very strongly to the surface. Once we have carefully cleaned and polished the car surface, we remove any impurities on the surface. This allows the ceramic coating to adhere strongly to the surface forming a permanent car paint protection coating that can only be removed through mechanical abrasion.

High Chemical Resistance

The paint surface is especially susceptible to bird droppings, tree sap and other harmful contaminants. For cars with especially thin layers of clear coat, these harmful chemicals may cause irreversible damage to the paint and may even cause it to rust. Having a impenetrable glass coating helps to protect the original car paint from damage thus allowing it to remain shiny and glossy.

Contact us to find out how much it will take to start protecting your asset. We are confident that you will be satisfied with glass coating system.

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Because the KubeBond coating is designed for professional use, you need to have the appropriate equipment to apply the coating. 5D Solutions is an Approved Applicator of KubeBond. Our staff are properly trained to handle the equipment so that we can provide your car with the maximum protection that the clear coat car paint protection coating can provide.

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