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Hydrophobic Glass Coating

A hydrophobic glass coating is able to help your car stay cleaner for longer and not only that, the coating makes it easier to clean as well so you don’t have to spend your entire weekend washing and cleaning your car just so that it looks good. The hydrophobic glass coating from KubeBond uses a Revolution Bonding Technology which significantly reduces the surface energy of the substrate. When water comes into contact with the paintwork, it is forced to form beads that will slowly roll off the surface. This is the secret to the hydrophobic glass coating.

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

Read about how KubeBond is able to protect black cars so decided to give it a try. Have been using it for a week and really no more water marks!

Was recommended to try KubeBond by a friend. Service from the 5D Solutions team was excellent and my car looks great now!

Commonly Asked Questions

Hydrophobic literally means “water-fearing” and it describes the relationship between water and certain substances. This relationship causes the water to bead together on the surface of these substances, much like a water on a leaf.

As the KubeBond Diamond 9H has a superhydrophobic effect, the water repellent effect causes the water roll off the surface easily without leaving any marks or stains! This allows the paintwork of the car to stay clean for longer and it also makes cleaning a lot easier. No more having to toil over the weekends just to get your car looking good. Just a simple wipe and you are good to go.

Because of the superhydrophobic properties, the glass coating is also resistant to corrosion from bird droppings, tree sap and other hazards that you may find on the road. The scratch resistant glass coating has a 9H pencil toughness that also helps to protect your cars from minor scratches and paint chips.

Want to find out more about what the KubeBond Diamond 9H coating can do for your car? Just drop by our showroom and we would be glad to show you a demonstration.

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KubeBond need to be applied with precision and skill in order to achieve the maximum benefits. At KubeBond, we conduct courses to ensure that our staff have the proper skills and knowledge to assist our customers with their hydrophobic glass coating application. At the same time, we also provide them the right equipment so that they can carry our their jobs efficiently and effectively.

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