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KubeBond GlassShield In Singapore

KubeBond GlassShield is a coating designed specifically for glass protection. It has excellent durability and at the same time will not affect the motion and effectiveness of the front wiper blades. With the super hydrophobic effect, it reduces the surface energy of the glass allowing water to bead together and simply roll off when you are driving. Over long periods of time, unprotected and untreated glass will become a hazard because rain water still stick and sheet over the windows. In Singapore, this is especially dangerous because heavy downpours may decrease visibility significantly.

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

Has been over a week since I collected my car. The glass protection really makes a difference when you are driving in heavy rain. Would definitely recommend it.

Read quite a bit about KubeBond online and saw the good reviews on Facebook. Just got my car and it really looks glossy and shiny. Thanks 5D Solutions.

Was searching for some hydrophobic glass coating and came across KubeBond, applied it to my car and it works great! Will be bringing in my husband’s car too.

Impressed by what you see here? Want to see more? Book an appointment now to see a live demonstration of the KubeBond GlassShield or speak to our staff to find how more about the solutions for glass protection.

Features and Benefits

Long Protection of Up to 12 Months
Transparent Finishing
UV & Thermal Resistant
Excellent Weather Resistance
Repels Water, Dirt & Grime

5D Solutions Pte Ltd

5D Solutions is an Approved Applicator of KubeBond GlassShield. Because the proper procedure needs to be carried out for you to attain the maximum benefits from this glass protection coating, its needs to be applied by professionals with the right tools. At 5D Solutions, we also take pride in the level of customer service that we provide, that is why we only used the quality products and tools to ensure that our customers’ cars are well taken care of. To give you a better idea of the application process, check out the steps below!


Before application of the coating, the entire surface needs to be properly cleaned by our car polishing team and totally free from any dirt and grime.


The coating is sprayed on so that it gives a nice even protection over the entire surface. This needs to be done with specialized equipment.


Maintenance is fairly simple because the car can be cleaned easily and fuss free.

Don’t delay any longer, get your glass protected right now with KubeBond GlassShield. We are confident that you will be very happy with what we can do for you.

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