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KubeBond Nu Interior

KubeBond Nu Interior is a coating for plastic and rubber surfaces that is suitable for both the interior and exterior of cars. This unique technology from Choose NanoTech, harnesses the use of nanotechnology to make a glass coating that is unlike any other type of protection in the market. The nano particles are able to fill into the capillaries of the surfaces to give the surfaces a more thorough protection. With its unique molecular coating, it is also able to protect the original color of the surface at the same time giving these surfaces longer durability.

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

Wanted to spend less time cleaning and washing the car so came across 5D Solutions. Have been using it for a week already and it really keeps the car cleaning for longer.

Did quite a lot of research on KubeBond and there were quite a lot of good reviews online. The coating really lives up to its name and my car looks so much better now.

I got the interior and exterior of my car coating and it really looks and feels so much better now. Clean and like brand new. Really got to thank Stanley and team for the good job!

Application Process

It can be used for new surfaces or surfaces that need restoring. However, KubeBond Nu Interior needs to be applied by an Approved Applicator to give your the best results. The following are steps are what we take in order to use the KubeBond Nu Interior effectively:

  • Step 1

    To achieve the best results, the surfaces must be cleaned and dried thoroughly for application before using the KubeBond Nu Interior.

  • Step 2

    The liquid is placed onto the applicator and wiped onto the surfaces evenly. We also work only on small areas at a time to ensure that it is applied evenly and uniformly.

  • Step 3

    Once done, it is set to dry for exactly 1 min.

  • Step 4

    Small amounts of water are used to remove any residue on the surface. It is ensured that the waiting time does not exceed 1 minute as the coating will harden onto the surface.

  • Step 5

    Once the surface is free from residue, it is allowed to rest for the 8 hours. We ensure that we keep the car as clean as possible so that no water or dust settles on the surface during these 8 hours.

To further enhance your protection, we also add another layer of coating every one hour during application so as to increase the coating thickness, making it more scratch resistance and enhancing its gloss. Lastly, maintenance and cleaning is key to achieve the best and longest lasting results. After coatings, regular car cleaning can allow the finish from the coating to remain in its best form.

KubeBond Nu Interior provides protection for your interior that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Come down to our showroom for a live demonstration!

Features and Benefits

Can Easily Last Up To 12 Months
Easy To Clean
UV Resistant
Renews Colour

Designed by professionals for professionals, you should only trust Approved Applicators of KubeBond to get your car protected. 5D Solutions is an Approved Applicator of KubeBond so come speak to us today!

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