KubeBond Prices

The KubeBond prices differ in terms of the layers of coating as well as the type of coating that you choose. With more layers of nano ceramic coating, the better the protection offered for your car paint. The increase number of layers also prevent water marks and stains on your car. To give everyone access to this premium coating, we have a wide range of packages with different package rates to meet different budgets. Package prices will also differ based on the size of your car, so contact us today to get a quote from our staff.

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Is KubeBond Worth It?

KubeBond offers the best value for money in terms of car paint protection products. As compared to wax or sealants which will wear out over periods of time, the KubeBond Diamond 9H protection coating forms a permanent bond with the paintwork that can only be removed through machine polish. This gives it extreme durability and also provides value for money for our customers. You no longer need to worry about reapplying the protection coating anymore, our 10 year warranty has got that covered.

In addition, because it is a permanent car paint protection, no reapplication is required! If you compare this to other sorts of coatings that need to be applied every few years, you will definitely save more in the long run. Find out more about how this durable paint protection system and better protect you car today!

Unsure of what you need or require? Come down to our showroom today! Our staff would be glad to give you more information on how the KubeBond would be beneficial for you and your car.

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