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Nano Ceramic Car Paint Protection in Singapore

KubeBond coatings are an unique ceramic molecular compound formula (nano-ceramics) which provide the ultimate car paint protection. Specially formulated by chemist with years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the industrial protective coating field, the unique nano ceramic car paint protection system by KubeBond is unmatched in terms of its scratch resistance and corrosion resistance.

Why Is KubeBond Loved Worldwide

Brought my Cooper in to get it protected and it really looks amazing and shiny right now. Will definitely come back for my monthly car wash.

Read quite a lot of good reviews about KubeBond so decided to try it out. Overall experience was good. Waiting to see how long the coating will last.

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Learn more about the nano ceramic car paint protection technology here or visit our show room! Our staff would be glad to give you a live demonstration on how KubeBond works and what it can do for your car.

Unique Benefits

What Truly Makes KubeBond Better Than Other Paint Protection Systems

Permanent Protection

Because the nano ceramic molecular compound is able to form a permanent bond with the automotive paintwork, KubeBond can only be removed by mechanical abrasion. This makes the permanent protective coating extremely durable and gives it the ability to protect your car’s paintwork no matter what condition you drive in.

Super-Hydrophobic Effect

The superb hydrophobic effect of the KubeBond allows water to bead together on the surface and subsequently roll off when its heavy enough. This water repellent glass coating makes the surface of the car extremely easy to clean and maintain because it does not stain easily. KubeBond also works on interior surfaces like plastic and leather too!

Strict Verification System

The multiple features of KubeBond has been test and certified by “SGS”,  the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. This is to assure our customers that we only provide top quality products and services and they can expect nothing but the best when they get their car protected with KubeBond.

About 5D Solutions

KubeBond is designed by professionals for professionals. As such, careful steps and processes need to be carried out to ensure that the protective paint coating is able to achieve the stated level of protection for your car. This is also why there are only a few Approved Applicators in Singapore that are qualified to do so. 5D Solutions uses only the very best tools and equipment to keep your vehicle protected because we understand the importance of keeping your car looking good and shiny.

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