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Nanotechnology Car Paint Protection in Singapore

The KubeBond nanotechnology car paint protection system uses a unique Nano-Ceramic formula that creates a layer of super tough protection over the paintwork and this helps to provide the ultimate car paint protection. KubeBond not only helps to protect your car from scratches, dirt or grime, it makes it extremely easy to clean and also provides a glossy finish that makes your car look like brand new. The advanced film also comes with multi-properties such as anti-graffiti, high temperature resistance and also above 9H pencil hardness.

Why People Around The World Love KubeBond

Have been using KubeBond for over a month already and the water really just roll off the car surface.  Very easy to maintain and clean. Will recommend to my friends.

My colleague used the KubeBond coating and recommended my to try it. Totally love it, easy to clean and maintain and really makes the car look good.

KubeBond is a Permanent Nano Ceramic Coating backed up with a 10 Year Warranty!

Nano-Ceramic Background

The Unique Technology Behind KubeBond

Formulated by chemist with years of experience and knowledge in the industrial protective coating field the unique ceramic molecular compound (nano-ceramics) makes the KubeBond coatings the most advance protective coatings in the market.

Using cutting edge technology, the KubeBond series is unlike any other wax or sealant used by typical car dealership and paint protection companies. In addition, because the KubeBond has been specifically created for automotive paint protection, this also gives it the additional features that are not present in other paint protection forms.

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Find out more about how nanotechnology car paint protection works below or visit our show room and we can give you a live demonstration.

Benefits of the KubeBond

Resistant to Environmental Fallout

No need to worry about bird droppings, bug splatter, tar, tree sap or other harmful contaminants. KubeBond is able to withstand corrosion from all these environmental fallout to keep you car looking as shiny as new.

Latest Ceramic Nanotechnology

KubeBond is constantly undergoing extensive testing and certification to ensure that it remains at the forefront of coating technology. This is also to ensure that our paint protection is able to meet the standards of our growing customer base.

UV Resistant

On our sunny island of Singapore, the harmful UV rays may cause fading and discolouration over time. The KubeBond nanotechnology car paint protection system incorporates UV stabilisers to ensure that the paintwork is always protected from the UV rays. This keeps the paintwork looking shiny and new.

Easy To Clean

With the KubeBond’s slick hydrophobic effect, dirt, grime and stains can be easily washed off the self-cleaning glass coating. You no longer need to spend your entire weekend cleaning and polishing your car, just follow our basic maintenance and after care steps and you are good to go.

Official Certification

Simple 3 Step Process

Fuss-Free Car Paint Protection

  • Preparation

    The correct steps must be taken by an Approved Applicator to prepare the surface for the proper application of the permanent adhesion. This includes a thorough wash as well as a round of polishing by our car polishing team.

  • Application

    The application process involves applying the different coatings of the nanotechnology car paint protection. Depending on the package, a different number of layers of coating will be applied by the Approved Applicator

  • Protection

    Once fully applied, the KubeBond give a high gloss protective layer over the paint work and minimal effort is required to maintain the protection coating.

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As approved applicators of KubeBond, our staff are trained are well-trained and equipped to handle the KubeBond coating. This is because you need appropriate equipment, skill and training to achieve the maximum results from your coating. In addition, we also provide quality maintenance and car washing services to ensure that your nanotechnology car paint protection continues to serve you well in the years to come.

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