Nanotechnology Glass Coating

KubeBond uses the latest nanotechnology glass coating to provide cars with the ultimate car paint protection system. Developed by chemist for have specialised knowledge in the industrial paint protection field, KubeBond Diamond 9H was formulated specifically for automotive substrates. The unique nano-ceramic molecules give the nanotechnology glass coatings added benefits that are unlike any other typical paint protection product.

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

It was raining when we picked up our car and even after the rain there was no stains or marks. Car is still looks shiny and brand new.

Was recommended to try KubeBond by my colleagues, the results are really quite stunning. Looking forward to maintaining that gloss and shine.

Commonly Asked Questions

KubeBond is a ceramic based nanotechnology glass coating. Its unique molecular formula uses a Revolution Bonding Technology that is more sturdy and durable than typical glass coatings and also offers significantly more benefits as compared to other wax and sealants.

Before the actual coating is applied, the surface of the car needs to be cleaned and polished. This is done to ensure that nanotechnology glass coating can properly adhere to the paintwork. Subsequently, multiple layers of coatings is slowly sprayed onto the car using specialised equipment. Spraying ensures that the coating is uniform and even.

Yes! But only basic maintenance is required. Unlike other types of protection coatings, the KubeBond glass coating forms a permanent bond with the paintwork and can only be removed through mechanical abrasion. This makes it extremely tough and durable. In order to maintain the coating, you only need to wash it every now and then and also come for our annual maintenance checkups!

When fully applied, the KubeBond coating is not only superhydrophobic, it is also extremely scratch resistant. With a resistance of 9H on the pencil scale, it is able to withstand paint chips and scratches. The glass coating also protects the paintwork from chemical corrosion from tree saps, bird droppings and brake dust.

Want to find out more about the KubeBond Diamond 9H coating? Just drop by our office and our staff would be glad to show you a live demonstration.

Features and Benefits

No Reapplication Required
Chemical Resistant
UV Resistant
High Gloss Finish
Repels Water, Dirt & Grime

5D Solutions Pte Ltd

To achieve maximum results from KubeBond, you need to have the proper equipment to do so. 5D Solutions is an Approved Applicator of KubeBond and we are trained in all the technical aspects of KubeBond to ensure that we can provide the very best car care solutions for our customers. At 5D Solutions, we want to provide the highest service standards for our customers and so we also provide a 10 year warranty for the KubeBond coatings. We also provide car grooming and car polishing services at affordable prices.

It is easier to get your car protected! Just let us know your car model and we will send you the package prices together with any promotions that we have ongoing.

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