Water Repellent Glass Coating

KubeBond’s water repellent glass coating that uses the Revolution Bonding Technology. The KubeBond Diamond 9H is able to dramatically reduce the surface energy of the substrate so that when liquid comes into contact with the surface paintwork, they form beads and simply roll off. This superior superhydrophobic effect prevents tar, bird droppings, tree sap and dust from adhering to the surface of the car. It is this technology that give the KubeBond glass coating is water repellent effect.

Why Our Customers Love KubeBond

Read quite a lot of good reviews on KubeBond and decided to try it for myself. Was really impressed with the results. Car is shiny and glossy again. Thanks!

Brought my car to 5D Solutions and a I must say that the service is really excellent. My car looks so clean and shiny now. Thank you!

Why Use A Water Repellent Glass Coating?

Why Not?

Extremely Easy To Clean

The self cleaning ability of KubeBond is one of the main reasons why the KubeBond glass coating is so immensely popular. The treated and new slick surface of your car is able to easily repel dirt and water. Especially in Singapore where there weather can be quite erratic, it helps to keep the water marks off your car making it extremely easy to maintain and keep clean.

Professionally Verified & Certified

KubeBond undergoes extensive testing to ensure that it continues to be one of the most advanced nano ceramic car paint protection systems in the world. To be able to do so, it is also tested and certified by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. To strengthen our claim that the protection is permanent, for also offer a 10 year warranty.

Resistant To Minor Scratches

With its unique and advanced Revolution Bonding Technology, KubeBond can be applied in layers over the paintwork. With each layer of glass coating applied, the hardness of the coating also increases. KubeBond has a hardness of above 9H on the pencil scale! This hardness allows the paintwork to withstand minor scratches and any other hazards.

Keen to get your car protected? Head down to our workshop to find out more about the benefits of this water repellent coating.

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5D Solutions

5D Solutions is an Approved Applicator of KubeBond. As KubeBond is designed by professionals for professionals, you need to have the right equipment and skills to obtain the maximum benefits from the coating. Our staff are well-trained and equipped to take good care of your car and bring out the shine from your car. Get protected today with the KubeBond Diamond 9H.

5D Solutions is an Approved Applicator of KubeBond. We also provide premium car grooming services to make your car look like brand new. Contact us to find out more!

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