Black Car Paint Protection

With this black car paint protection system, proudly display your car without any of the unsightly marks anymore. Black cars and known to be notoriously hard to clean and maintain because water stains and droplets are easily visible. Although black cars are really sleek and sexy, the maintenance issues normally deter people from getting them. With the KubeBond paint protection coating, like us take that headache away.

KubeBond Testimonials

My black car remains quite clean after heavy rain. Just need to give it a simple wet and it looks like I just polished and wax my car. Save a lot of time and money.

Just got my new car and sent it in for coating the next day. After the coating the car looks even better than brand new. The glossy finish really makes it stand out.


Formulated by chemist with extensive knowledge and experience in the industrial costing industry, KubeBond was specifically formulated to bond with the automotive substrate. This strong adhesion makes the coating permanent and extremely durable. With its Revolution Bonding Technology, numerous layers of coating can be applied to the paintwork. With each layer of coating being applied, the scratch resistance and chemical resistance increases significantly. As the coating also reduces the surface energy of the substrate, it causes water to bead together and fall off easily from the car keeping your black car stain free and dirt free as well. Because it is a clear coat car paint protection, it will also not affect the sleek and pure black colour of your car!

Features & Benefits

Super Hydrophobic Effect

With this hydrophobic glass coating, water droplets will bead together and wash off any dirt or grime that is on the paint surface. This self-cleaning effect drastically reduces the amount of stains or marks on the water surface and makes the cleaning and maintenance of black cars a lot simpler. Less cleaning means more driving!

UV Resistant

Black cars tend to absorb more UV rays due to its colour properties and this causes it the paintwork to fade fairly quickly especially in our sunny island of Singapore. KubeBond incorporates UV Stabilisers to ensure that the paintwork is always protected from harmful UV rays which will fading or discolouration of the deep black paint over time.

Scratch Resistant

With its multilayering properties, KubeBond provides minor scratch resistance properties for your car’s surface. Although protection from small rocks or stones that may hit your car while travelling along the road is definitely hard, the KubeBond car paint protection system is able to protect your car from minor scratches that normal wax or polishing may not.

5D Solutions Pte Ltd

5D Solutions is an Approved Applicator of KubeBond. Because the application of KubeBond requires the right tools and the right equipment, only Approved Applicators and deliver the maximum benefits of KubeBond to customers. We properly train our staff so that there are familiar with all the product and technical aspects of KubeBond. This is also to ensure that our customers get the best car care results.

Book an appointment with us and come down to see a live demonstration of the KubeBond. Start getting your car protected today and keep it free from scratches!

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