Basic Things Every New Car Owner Should Know About Car Maintenance & Paint Protection

Car maintenance and paint protection is not only about simply washing and cleaning your car every week. You need to know what are the common hazards out there that may damage your car’s paint. Learn more about the common enemies of car paint in this post and also the best methods to counter them.

With this knowledge, you will definitely be able to keep your car in better condition and retain that glossy finish that your car first had when you got it.

Car Maintenance & Paint Protection Tips

The Easier Method

Instead of following all these tips, there is also an easier method. KubeBond is a glass coating that helps to significantly reduce the surface energy of the paintwork. When liquids come into contact with the coating, it forces the liquid to form beads that will easily roll off the surface. It will carry any dirt or dust on the surface reducing the amount of stains and marks on your car.

With its superhydrophobic effect, this nano-ceramic technology will help to keep your car cleaner for longer and it also helps to protect your paint from chemical and environmental corrosion.